Wednesday, November 23, 2011

First release of 1.1 is Live!

Greetings ThumbWhere clients and spectators.

Over the last 2 weeks we have rolled out some new services as well as a whole new API layer to support one of our longest running trial members.

The old public facing API Twitter integration demo site has been switched off. It was using the legacy (v0.0) API and it needs to be rewritten to use our latest JavaScript Service library. For now it redirects to this blog. Of note I believe it was the first tool ever that let you upload audio, images and video to Twitter from your mobile phone. Fun times :)

We will eventually replace it with our newly planned service sign-up/administration portal.

That's right folks, we are slowly on the way to going public and allowing anyone to sign up and start using our services.

Over the last 4 years we have run 8 campaigns with 6 different organisations to validate and test our product.

Just these word of mouth campaigns and other IPTV development has been keeping us busy for the last year - but we have continued to plod on with our ThumbWhere product development.

This most recent update (v1.1) represents a lot of the learnings and results of R&D from the last year.

Notable changes:

  • The v0.0 and v1.0 API's were versioned, the v1.1 API is versioned and modular using SOA principles.
  • FTPS and FTPES are now supported for first line storage as well as with CDN storage with Amazon S3 and more to come.
  • Campaign members can now email media and have it ingested into ThumbWhere with their own email address or a pre-generated ThumbWhere specific email address.
  • We have changes under the hood to improve the reporting of ingestion and transcoding workflow exceptions and new operations in the primary distributed workflow engine.
  • Auto-generated Web Service interface libraries for .NET and JavaScript. PHP and Java are on the way.
  • Auto-generated windows tools . PowerShell 'Snap-ins' for each of the new services to allow easy scripting and tool writing. Windows workflow 'Activities' are on the way.
  • Media can be FTPd directly to ThumbWhere on a per member or campaign basis.
  • A lot of work has gone into making our internal development process more agile with a lot more code generation. Now we can design, generate and stand-up a new SOA service and supporting repositories in a matter of hours.
Over the next month expect to see a lot more news about the latest v1.1 Content and Social APIs