Friday, July 4, 2008

QR Code support

I have put this up from the old HTML media item pages to make things a bit cleaner.

All media submitted to ThumbWhere has an associated QR Code. If you scan the barcode using QR Code reading software on your mobile phone, a version of the media compatible with your phone will be loaded onto your phone.

Read about QR Codes.

If you need QR code reader for your phone, here are two I have tested already.

  • QuickMark

    This requires registration but they support a large number of phones. You will need to install from your PC.

    Scanning style is Frame, Hope and Click - so its not automatic and can take a few goes.

    Tested fine on my WM6 JasJam.

  • I-Nigma

    Enter into your mobile phone's web browser.

    This tracks scanned QR codes via a redirect. So whatever URL you scan in, i-nigma will know about it.

    Scanning style is Automatic where the phone security model allows for it - as soon as it recognises the QR code, it will decode it.

    It works well on my WM6 JasJam (Automatic), but completely crashes my Nokia 6280 (Manual).