Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tips And Trcks

Save the ThumbWhere MMS Number

When you see something you want to share with your friends, don't fumble with your phone - be prepared. Save 61-447-100-293 in your phone contacts under "AAA ThumbWhere" so you can quickly send photos, video and audio to ThumbWhere when an opportunity presents itself.

Send a Description

When you send to ThumbWhere, put the title in the message subject or body. Pictures with text descriptions are automatically tagged and are more easily found.

If you send in a blank subject and put text in the body, the body will be treated as the subject.

Rotate Your Pictures

You can add special commands to the start of the subject to rotate your photos. This is useful if your phone's camera functions don't autmatically rotate an image before sending it via MMS


> Will rotate the photo right (clockwise)

So if you sent in the following subject

>I Love My Kitty!

Your picture will be rotated to the right and given the subject of "I Love My Kitty."

Caption Your Photos LOLcat Style!

This blog post has a more in depth discussion of the codes used to generate captions.

Any text you put at the start of the subject in square brackets

[Like This]
will be turned into a caption. The remainder of the subject will be left as is, so if you send

[Fear Me Human]Why is my kitty growling?

It will caption the image with "Fear Me Human" and the subect will be "Why is my kitty growling?"

A Caption can be positioned in three rows on your photo, [Top/Middle/Bottom]. The / character is used to switch to the next row.

A more complicated example is

[I have a human/It feeds me/I may let it live]My Kitty Loves Her Food!

which will caption the image on three lines "I Have A Human" will be at the top, "It Feeds Me" will be in the middle and "I May Let It Live" will be at the top. The Subject of the message will be "My Kitty Loves Her Food!"

You can of couse leave the first two rows blank if you want your caption at the bottom as in this next example,

[//Die Human!]Why does my Kitty Have Glowing Eyes?

which will caption the image at the bottom with "Die Human!". The Subject of the message will be "Why does my Kitty Have Glowing Eyes?"

Putting a <> in your caption will allign the text to the left or the right.

will put a caption at the top, left justified and at the bottom right justified.

All captions are automatically capitalised, they just seem to look better that way.

You don't have to end your caption instruction with a ] if you are not going put some text after it, such that

[nom nom nom
will still work as a top caption even though the caption command is missing its final ]

If you run out of room in the Subject, keep the Subject blank and use the message body. If the Subject is blank, the Body will be treated as the subject and image commands such as caption and rotation will come from the body.

If you think these instruction can be made better - please send me an email.